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Moog leads in expanding process knowledge, equipment capacity, and customer support in metal additive manufacturing (Metal AM). Black-box design, material qualifications, advanced process troubleshooting, and state-of-the-art inspection capabilities are resulting in next-generation applications for several critical manufacturing industries. Backed by solid engineering support and in-depth additive and subtractive production experience, our capabilities create and maintain a customer-first culture second to none. Put our expertise to work for you.

Additive Manufactured Part 1

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Understanding and sharing our customers’ needs for innovative solutions backed by reliable, on-time delivery, our experience in metal additive manufacturing, our production-level capacity, and our problem-solving capabilities create a customer-support culture second to none. Put our expertise to work for you.











Light-weight, good thermal and dynamic properties


Low specific weight and biocompatibility


Excellent corrosion and temperature resistance

• INCONEL 625 & 718

Great tensile, fatigue and rupture strength


Impressive hardness and strength

• STAINLESS STEEL:15-5, 17-4, 316L

Excellent ductility and high corrosion resistance


High strength and oxidation resistance

• COPPER 18150

News & Events

Moog Completes First Project Under USAF’s Booster Propulsion Maturation Program

The first of ten contracts awarded under the Booster Propulsion Technology Maturation Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) was recently completed.

Moog Adds Copper To Capabilities

Focusing on its goal of leading the industry with improving process knowledge and metallurgical understanding.


George Small Veripart Introduction - Issue #1

Our first forays into additive manufacturing (AM) go back over 15 years. With our background in manufacturing of complex parts, we could easily see the value of direct digital fabrication. Printing of polymer parts for fit checks, prototypes and tooling became commonplace at Moog. But the real target for us was metal additive parts.

Certification of Production AM Parts - Issue #2

In December 2015 Moog acquired an equity ownership of Linear Mold & Engineering. In 2017 Moog fully acquired this company, which will now be referred to as Moog Linear. Moog gained metal additive technology and expertise with this acquisition. With over a decade of experience in metal 3D printing for customers, Moog Linear had gained hard-won practical knowledge on serial production of AM metal parts.

Additive Manufacturing Reshaping Logistics - Issue #3

Imagine a scenario where lives depend upon a mission being flown off the deck of an aircraft carrier far out at sea. The only available aircraft has just been grounded with a failed critical part. There is no part inventory on the carrier. But we do have a 3d printer and a stock of powder aboard. A technical data package is available for the part, and a replacement is quickly printed.

Process Development and Control in Metal Additive Manufacturing

The Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) process used in Moog’s Additive Manufacturing Center (AMC) is complex with a multitude of variables, any one of which…if incorrect…can result in poor-quality and unusable parts. One of the primary challenges for setting up an LPBF additive manufacturing (AM) machine resides, therefore, in the proper optimization and control of the various parameters along the process chain.

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