Moog Components Group Quality

Moog Components Group strives to meet the challenges of today’s business climate. We have adopted these concepts:

Teams: Initially formed to address specific problems and improvement opportunities, our teams have now matured into Self-Directed Work Teams.

Total Quality Management (TQM): Implemented a Total Quality Management Program system in 1989 to provide an organized and managed Quality Education and Improvement System.

Demand Flow Technology (DFT) and Continuous Flow Manufacturing (CFM): DFT/CFM is a demand driven manufacturing flow system that utilizes very little in-process inventory. The concept has helped us be more efficient as well as flexible in accommodating customer schedule changes. The process has also reduced inventories and improved operations.

Six Sigma: Implemented a process improvement system known as Six Sigma. We're focused on ways to achieve excellence. Our Six Sigma techniques involves a five step procedure: define the process to be improved, measure it to obtain a performance baseline, analyze the data to determine where errors are occurring, improve the process and control it to ensure the errors don't happen again. We have Black Belts and Champions who are trained in this methodology.