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As the world’s leading slip ring manufacturer, we offer more than 10,000 slip ring designs. Moog's slip rings are used in a wide range of applications such as high technology security systems, mission critical space-rated components, rugged aircraft vehicles and medical CT scanners for patient diagnostics.

We are a U.S. market leader in supplying fractional horsepower brushless DC motors. Our motion technology solutions also include brush motors, linear motors, drives, alternators, fiber optic rotary joints, resolvers / synchros, actuators, solenoids and integrated motion assemblies. We also have solutions expertise in the areas of air moving by solving difficult thermal, airflow, acoustic and efficiency problems.

On the electronic systems side, we provide a full line of components for industrial, marine, military and aerospace applications, including fiber optic modems, fiber optic multiplexers and avionics instruments.

Moog’s fiber optic solutions have served the marine and energy markets for over 20 years – where our products are components on offshore petroleum, oceanographic, seismic and maritime defense systems. We supply fiber optic multiplexers, media converters, rotary joints, hybrid fiber optic rotary joints and slip rings, fluid rotary unions, precision would coils and FPSO swivels.

Moog Components Group provides innovative design and manufacturing capabilities in motion, electronics and fiber optics. Both standard and custom product solutions are used in industrial, commercial, medical, marine, aerospace and defense applications.

How We Got Here

Our roots were formed in 1953 when Poly-Scientific was founded in Blacksburg, Virginia. In 1992, the company evolved when Clifton Precision and Special Devices were combined with Poly-Scientific to expand operations in Murphy, North Carolina and Springfield, Pennsylvania. On September 30, 2003, the company was acquired by Moog Inc. Since that time, several key acquisitions have placed us at the forefront of product technology and design. See more details on our timeline.

The synergy of the different business operations has proven to be very powerful. Individual groups have continued to prosper while complementary technologies have led to the development of new products. Integrated motion assemblies, that combine motors, resolvers, slip rings and fiber optic products, are now being provided by Moog Components Group.

OEM and Custom Products

We can design and produce “one-of-a-kind” custom products, as well as high-volume, extremely cost sensitive products. Diversity has brought strength and flexibility to our business and has expanded our capabilities.

Military and Industrial Balance

Many of our operations have their roots and expertise based deep in the area of aerospace and military manufacturing. The quality and precision required for conforming to the requirements of space, weapons, aircraft and other mission-critical program have long been a tradition. This stringent quality is still prevalent today in the design and manufacturing processes within the company.

Building on the company’s foundation in the defense community, we have transferred our knowledge and capability base to produce cost-effective products for industrial markets. These cost reductions are also benefiting military customers by meet their commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) demands. In many new applications, COTS products effectively address our customer’s cost concerns.

What We Can Do For You

These are challenging times for most businesses. Customer’s needs are more demanding, delivery times are shorter and quality products are a given – not a differentiator. Costs must continually move downward while suppliers struggle to maintain profits. A company’s best chance of surviving and prospering in today’s business climate depends largely on well-trained, motivated employees who are dedicated to continuous improvements. To meet these challenges, we have embraced these concepts. Learn more about our quality improvement initiatives.

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