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Bill Moog imagined a new way to run a company, in which every member of the team would be treated with trust and respect. Moog created a space in which talented and enthusiastic people could work together to solve complex and difficult technical challenges. The spirit of this new workplace was perfectly tuned to the Moog business model – the delivery of ingenious solutions to highly specific client needs. The approach was revolutionary in 1951, and it remains unique today.

Asia Pacific

Maria Anandan

Software Engineer I'd heard about Moog through my interest in embedded design and...

Lorimer Obal

Supply Chain Manager Philippines My favourite experiences at Moog have involved travelling to...

Wilfredo Estoque

Segment Manager Philippines My favorite memory of Moog is undoubtedly meeting Bill Moog,...

Hermie Flores

Materials Manager Philippines I was studying at university and my classmates introduced me to...
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Gert Ringsted

Quality Systems Supervisor Ireland My wife and I decided in 2008 to move from Denmark to Ireland....

Elisabetta Malcontenti

Marketing Communications Italy I joined Moog some eight years ago, after studying Marketing...

Courtney E Coleman

Parts and Product Support Engineer UK I was looking for an apprenticeship in Manufacturing...

Rob Frith

Senior Product Engineer – Process Development UK I joined Moog in August 2003 after working as a Graduate...
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Karen Smith

Co-op - Space and Defense East Aurora, NY, USA I had never heard of Moog when I first approached their booth...

Eduardo Rumao

Business Manager for Latin America Sao Paulo, Brazil I joined Moog Brazil 20 years ago as a new Engineer in the...

Lisandro Plancarte

Product Delivery Operator Torrance, CA, USA I've actually wanted to get a job at Moog since I graduated...

Kristie Struzik

Associate Product Engineer East Aurora, NY, USA One of the best things about working here is that people work...
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