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A slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure. Also called a rotary electrical joint, collector or electric swivel, a slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system that requires unrestrained, intermittent or continuous rotation while transmitting power and / or data. 

With over 60 years of experience, Moog is the world’s leading slip ring manufacturer. We offer more than 10,000 standard and customizable slip ring designs. Our slip rings are designed for rugged commercial, industrial and military environments. Use the form on the right to contact our experts and find the right slip ring for your application.


  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications
  • Transmits power and data signals at high speeds
  • Reliable performance under adverse operating conditions


  • Improves mechanical performance
  • Simplifies system operation
  • No maintenance

Aerospace - Defense

aerospace-military slip rings

Defense slip rings are developed for rugged environments and demanding requirements. Typical applications include FLIR systems, blade de-ice, target acquisition systems, tank turrets and manned / unmanned vehicles.

Commercial - Industrial

commercial-industrial slip rings

Moog's slip rings are developed for high performance environments and flexible requirements. Typical applications include camera systems, robotics, packaging machines, medical equipment and a wide range of automation systems.


marine slip rings

Moog has delivered trusted technology products and services to the offshore petroleum, oceanographic, seismic and maritime industries for more than 20 years. Focal marine slip rings are designed to function in extreme marine environments.

Oilfield - Downhole

oilfield-downhole slip rings

Slip ring designs are available for harsh oilfield conditions that are configured for electrical power, signals, or both. These designs can be integrated with other products such as fiber optical rotary joints and fluid rotary unions.

Wind Turbine

wind turbine slip rings

Wind turbines require reliable transmission of power and data signals from the nacelle to the control system for the rotary blades. Moog’s slip rings provide the performance and quality needed in demanding environments. Costly downtime is eliminated by using fiber brushes and robust mechanical components in the slip ring design.


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