Looking after our own

The people who work for us are the power and energy behind everything we do – so we're committed to looking after them in a way that really says 'thank you'. In addition to salary, we offer a benefits package that is designed to attract and motivate the best talent, and gives our employees genuine security.

As a global organization, some of our benefits vary from location to location – but wherever we are, Moog has competitive packages. Ranging from comprehensive health programs, to retirement plans, to recreational activities, our benefits are put together to give our team members and their families a feeling of security and the freedom to enjoy their lives.

Because we think it's so valuable to get along well together, we also organize recreational activities, from holiday gatherings to picnics to sporting events. To encourage personal and professional development, many locations offer assistance with tuition for advanced degrees. And of course, we look after people who are relocating as we have a generous relocation package that helps our employees throughout their transition process.