Culture & Philosophy

Trust is the only way we know.

Anyone who has a full time job for any company probably spends more time at work with their colleagues than they do with anyone else. In our view, that means you need to choose work you find rewarding, colleagues you can rely on and a company that respects your need for a good quality of life – both inside and outside the workplace.

We like what we do. We enjoy the challenge of creating things that the rest of the world has only ever dreamed of. Building an environment where that is possible starts with trusting that everyone you work with is competent – so we recruit carefully.

We know that we're all in it together, so when something unexpected crops up, we don't waste time looking for scapegoats, we just roll up our sleeves and sort it out, and everybody helps. Nobody is called 'mister'. And nobody has a job title that makes them sound more important than anyone else.  

So this is what our company is like. Everyone comes to work and does their best. They are developed, recognized and rewarded for their efforts. They are proud of what they produce. And they're happy to go and enjoy their lives outside of work.

You might think this is a surprising way to run a business that produces such incredible, intricate, high-tech products and solutions. But we don’t know any other way to work.