Supplier of V-22 Primary Flight Control Actuation

Moog is providing the design, manufacture and integration of 17 Primary Flight Control Actuators including the main rotor Swashplate, Flaperon and Elevator. In addition, Moog is providing the vibration control actuation system, bladefold actuation, nose-wheel steering servovalves, main prop rotor slip ring, hydraulic fluid compensation module and engine fuel control servovalves.

Key attributes of the flight control system include a 5000 psi operating pressure, duplex hydraulic-triplex electrical redundancy on the Swashplate actuators and ballistic tolerant Elevator and Swashplate actuators.



Key Features:

  • 5000 psi operating pressure
  • Duplex hydraulic/triplex electrical redundancy on the Swashplate actuators
  • Ballistic tolerant Elevator and Swashplate actuators