Offshore Expertise

The number and importance of offshore wind energy farms is constantly growing, offering higher energy yields with more consistent and higher wind speeds. Compared to onshore, offshore has nearly unlimited space available, fewer operational limitations and no height and rotor diameter restrictions.

When selecting a partner for your next project, expertise and reliability are key concerns. Moog is a pioneer in offshore wind energy and has many years of experience.

Reliability in Offshore Environments

The demanding harsh offshore environment requires more robust and reliable systems and products. Access to the turbines for repair operations is often restricted or even impossible during strong wind and high waves, causing expensive downtime. Therefore higher reliability is the key success factor.

Leading-Edge Pitch Systems and Products

Moog works proactively with you to support the development of your next offshore wind turbine generations and provide maximum turbine efficiency. Proven in the field, Moog's high performance Pitch Systems, Pitch Products, Slip Ring Solutions and Blade Sensing Systems can withstand the harshest offshore conditions. Benefits include:

  • More redundancy for greater availability
  • Higher robustness for extended lifetime
  • Resistant to vibration, shock and permanent shock
  • Different corrosion protection classes available

Offshore Services

Moog service staff is certified for offshore operations and can respond quickly to our customers' requests. A successful offshore wind farm needs a proactive service and maintenance approach – Moog can help you achieve this. We can help you to:

  • Plan preventive maintenance
  • Reduce planned maintenance to once a year to lower costs and downtime
  • Minimize maintenance time, which is often driven by the complexity and size of the turbine
  • Supply urgently needed spare parts everywhere in the world
  • Train your service staff to handle maintenance and repair issues

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Offshore Expertise

  • 70% of all electric pitch systems for 5 MW+ offshore wind turbines rely on our Pitch Control technology
  • The world’s first 5MW offshore wind turbine was equipped with a Moog Pitch System
  • Qualified offshore services