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Lockheed, Moog Develop JLTV-Towed Hellfire Launcher

22 October 2013

For years, the US Army has been looking for ways to launch Hellfire missiles from ground stations, a capability that would give infantrymen a new lethal tool to use when they might not be able to call in fire or get air support from aviation assets.

To meet that need, Lockheed Martin has partnered with Moog to develop the Common Hellfire Package (CHP), a modular integrated weapon system that will enable Hellfire shots from a variety of land, air and sea platforms — including being towed behind a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV).

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Lockheed, Moog Develop JLTV-Towed Hellfire Launcher


Design Features Increase Hydraulic Servovalve Longevity

25 June 2013

An article detailing how hydraulic servovalves perform and why can endure for as long as 25 years, even in demanding applications like steelmaking and industrial production machinery.

To read more, please visit this page on the Hydraulics & Pneumatics website.


Engineering for Extreme Environments

4 June 2013

A blog post written by R. Scott Scheffler, Moog Market Manager for Oil and Gas Solutions, discussing extreme engineering design.

Read more on the Design News Website post from June 2013.


Simulation Table Shrinks Design-to-Market Window

24 May 2013

Kemflo has been working with Moog to analyze the Chinese company’s needs, design a testing plan, and confirm auto testing specifications.  Moog recommended its six-degree-of-freedom hydraulic simulation table, a hydraulic service manifold, and Moog Integrated Test Suite software.

Featured in the May issue of Hydraulics & Pneumatics Magazine.


Simulators Let Drivers Get Seat Time Away From Car

21 May 2013

Constructed by Moog, Dallara is utilizing a driving simulator that comes the closest to creating the G-force stresses drivers experience on racetracks.

To view more information, please see the USA Today article published in May.


Video: Simulator Lets Race Drivers Feel Their Designs

14 May 2013

Dallara is utilizing a Moog simulator to enable professional drivers to see the road, feel the acceleration forces, and hear the roar of the engine.  It consists of a 2,000-kg aluminum dome mounted atop six electromechanical actuators, allowing drivers to feel teh forces of acceleration and braking.

To view the video featured in this May 2013 article, please visit the Design News website.


HelpMeSee Selects Moog to Develop Virtual Reality Eye Surgery Simulator

5 April 2013

HelpMeSee selected Moog for a joint development contract to design and produce a high-fidelity virtual reality Eye Surgery Simulator and courseware model to train cataract surgeons to proficiency, enabling them to perform high quality, high volume surgeries to save the sight of millions of blind people worldwide.

For more information on this April 2013 article, please see the Medical Design Technology website


TUEV Rheinland Certification for Safety on Wind Turbines

31 January 2013

Validating that Moog designs achieve Performance Level D for the wind turbine feathering safety function, Moog receiving the TUEV Rheinland Certification for Safety on Wind Turbines takes into account the feathering safety function alters the blade pitch at the rotor hub to minimize the torque applied by the wind, avoiding excessive speed of the turbine. As a result, the pitch servo drive is classified as a safety-critical component.

Featured in January in Windpower Engineering & Development


Moog Earns TUEV Rheinland Certification for Safety on Wind Turbines

31 January 2013

The Moog Pitch Servo Drive, obtained TÜV certification for compliance with the guideline issued by Germanischer Lloyd, validating that Moog designs achieve Performance Level D for the wind turbine feathering safety function. Moog is one of the first companies to obtain this certification for AC Electric Pitch Systems.

As seen in the January North American Clean Energy e-newsletter


Cross-over Technologies

31 January 2013

Description of cutting-edge developments in Moog motion systems reported from I/ITSEC 2012.

Featured in the January 2013 issue of CAT Magazine


What Makes Up a Servo Valve Feedback Mechanism is Mission Critical

29 January 2013

Written by Daniel Baran is the Engineering Service Manager for the Mechanical Feedback Servo Valve Department at Moog, this article discusses how to maximize the life of a servovalve through right selection of materials, manufacturing techniques and mechanical designs.

As seen in January 2013 at Valve Magazine


Simulator Improves Racecar Performance

16 January 2013

Moog designs race-car motion system and software for Dallara driving simulator.

As seen in the January 2013 issue of Machine Design.


Testing for Size: When Larger Turbine Blades Mean Greater Strength

1 January 2013

Mauro Gnecco, Moog North American Energy and Wind Market Manager, discusses blade testing facility trends and its relation to the expected size of future blades.

Read more on this topic on the North American Clean Energy website.


Remote Turbine Monitoring

1 January 2013

News brief discussing new Moog wind turbine Remote Terminal Software.

View more information on the North American Clean Energy website.