Motion Controller and Extension Modules

March 16 - 17, 2017
December 7 - 8, 2017
Duration: 1.5 Days
Location: Moog GmbH
Hanns-Klemm-Str. 28
71034 Boeblingen (Germany)
Phone: +49 7031 622 0
Order number: B95994-100
Language: English

Over 1.5 days, the Moog training “Motion Controller and Extension Modules” is addressing all who have experience with the IEC- 61131-based development environment MACS (Moog Axis Control Software) or CODESYS and who want to learn more about the Moog Motion Controller and extension modules. The training in English language includes theoretical and practical training sessions and is subsequent to the training Programming with the IEC 61131-based axis control software development environment MACS (Moog Axis Control Software).

Theory and practical exercises:

Moog Motion Controller:

  • Inputs and outputs, interfaces, configuration and timing
  • Analog and digital extension modules
  • License key
  • Hardware configuration
  • Task configuration
  • Upload and download of application programs
  • Libraries: Controls, Hardware, PLCopen, etc.
  • Building and testing of application programs on the hardware training system


Experience with Microsoft Windows and previous participation in the training “Programming with the IEC 61131-based axis control software development environment MACS (Moog Axis Control Software)”.


A hardware training system and a PC with MACS development environment will be provided for each two attendees.


Please register here for the training in March or here for the training in December. You could also order at your local Moog sales office or directly at phone (+ 49-7031-622-0) or send an e-mail to Please refer to the order number.

  • Training fee is 855 Euro.
  • Maximum number of attendees is 12 and minimum number is 5. The training session will be cancelled if less attendees register.
  • Cancellation: 10% of the training fee will be charged for cancellations made four weeks or more prior to the start of training;50% charged if less than 4 weeks prior.


For hotel reservations, please contact