EuroFOM E1/16 (SM)

The EuroFOM E1/16 (SM) Fiber Optic Modem is a rugged, field exposed or rack mountable unit that provides an interface between sixteen asynch-ronous full-duplex E1 signals and singlemode fiber optic cable for full-duplex, long distance and repeater-less communication.

The EuroFOM E1/16 (SM) provides the signal interfaces, modem functions, electro-optic conversion and a power supply, all within a portable unit. The EuroFOM E1/16 (SM) may be powered from 24 VDC or -48 VDC. Mating cables shall be supplied for the power interfaces.

General Specifications

  • Up to 60 kilometer communication
  • Laser Diode light source
  • TFOCA I, *TFOCA-II®, or Expanded Beam tactical fiber connectors
  • 3.75 Watts maximum power consumption
  • Typical Optical Output Power: -3dBm over a temperature range of -35°C to +60°C.
  • Received Optical Power: Minimum = - 45 dBm Maximum = - 10 dBm
  • Discrete Status indicators:
    • Loss of signal (LOS)
    • Out of frame (OOF)
    • Bit error rate (BER)
    • Remote alarm indicator (RAI)
    • Summary alarm

Physical Characteristics

  • Weight (kgs): 11.5 (in transportation configuration)
  • Dimensions (cm): 36.0 x 30.0 x 25.4
    (excluding handle, latches, or other protrusions)
  • Power Requirement: 24 VDC or -48 VDC
  • Electrical Signal: ITU G.703
  • Optical Signal: ITU G.703 E3 data rate
  • Electrical Interface: ITU G.703
  • Standard Accessories:
    • Manual
    • Mounting hardware
    • 24 and 48 VDC power cables
    • Circuit breaker/on-off switch
    • Adapter cable assembly
    • Two 15 dB attenuators
    • One air bulb
  • Environmental Specs: Designed to meet
    Fiber: Singlemode

*TFOCA-II® is a registered trademark of Amphenol Fiber Systems International