MD-1358/G DualFOM

MD-1358/G DualFOM Fiber Optic Modem and DualFOM-II

The DualFOM and DualFOM-II fiber optic modems are rugged, field exposed units which facilitate replacement of CX-11230 coaxial cable assemblies with long distance Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies (TFOCA's), are designed to carry all standard conditioned diphase group rates from 72 kbps through 4.608 Mbps in the tactical communications environment without need for shelter or equipment modification.

Both versions connect to standard CX-11230 cable on the shelter side and standard tactical fiber optic cables on the line side. The MD-1358/G DualFOM interfaces with the U.S. Military standard 2-fiber TFOCA's while the DualFOM-II interfaces with the newer *TFOCA-II® connectors. Either will provide repeaterless transmission up to 16 kilometers and up to 32 kilometers when used with an additional MD-1358/G DualFOM or DualFOM-II serving as a repeater. Both versions provide two separate and independent channels for full duplex transmission of voice and data signals and conform to JTC3A technical interface specification 9109c, which ensures compatibility with other standards compliant fiber optic equipment, including the MD-1272/G single channel FOM.

Benefits of Fiber Over Coaxial Cable

  • Lighter weight and smaller size for much quicker deployment
  • Higher bandwidth for increased throughput
  • Lower loss for long distance repeaterless communication up to 16 kilometers
  • Better quality - safe from electromagnetic interference from any source
  • More secure - no electromagnetic signature
  • Low Maintenance


  • Interconnect Tactical Communication Assemblages including:
    • Radio Terminals
    • Radio Repeaters
    • Tactical Switches
    • Circuit Switches
    • Tactical Multiplexers
    • Satellite Support Radios
    • TACC Shelters
  • Tactical Communication Systems
  • Down the Hill Links
  • Intra-Node Cabling
  • Dispersed Command Post
  • Digital Orderwire Equipment

Benefits of Optical Fiber Over Coax Implementation

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Physical Characteristics:

  • Weight: 20 (lbs) in transition configuration
  • Dimensions (in): 13.0 x 11.0 x 9.0 (L x W x H)
    Excluding handle, latches or other protrusions

*TFOCA-II® is a registered trademark of Amphenol Fiber Systems International