Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Assembly (TFOCA)


Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Assembly (TFOCA)


The Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Assembly (TFOCA) provides the physical connection between Fiber Optic Modems (FOMs), repeaters or other equipment capable of electronic to optical conversion. The TFOCA is a ruggedized, lightweight and tactically superior fiber optic cable that replaces existing CX-11230 coaxial cable.


The TFOCA was specifically designed for quick and easy deployment in rugged, harsh environments. It was engineered to satisfy the stringent environmental and mechanical requirements for United States military tactical operations.

The cables consist of radiation-hardened multimode or singlemode optical fibers enclosed in an outer jacket of flame retardant polyurethane. An inner strength laid of aramid yarn ensures superior tensile loading and crush resistant properties.

Fiber Cable Specifications

  • Optical Fiber Bandwidth @ 1300nm: ≥ 500 Mhz-km multimode, singlemode N/A
  • Attenuation: ≤ 2.75 dB nominal (1km length w/2 connectors
  • Operating Temperature Range: -55° C to +85° C
  • Tensile Load: (Newtons) Deployment: 1780, Long Term: 500
  • Corner Bend: 500 Newtons
  • Knot: 500 Newtons

Available Lengths

  • Multimode
    - 300 meters, 1 km, 2 km and custom lengths
  • Singlemode
    - 2 km and custom lengths

Available Connectors

  • TFOCA and *TFOCA-II®
  • Expanded Beam

*TFOCA-II® is a registered trademark of Amphenol Fiber Systems International