Silencer® Series Brushless DC Motors with Integral Drives

The Silencer® series of brushless motors with integral drives provide smooth, quiet and efficient operation over a wide speed range. Each frame size is available in several different lengths with the electronics optimized for the specific motor's operating parameters. Moog has already performed motor / drive system integration, mechanically, electrically and thermally and offers off-the-shelf models for a wide variety of applications. Utilizing bonded neo magnets and Surface Mount Technology (SMT), the BND series motors provide excellent value with their low-cost and high torque. The compact BND motors are will suited for applications demanding low audible noise, long life and ease of installation.

Model Motor Diameter Available Lengths Voltage Ratings (VDC) Range-Rated Torque
Range-Rated Speed (rpm) Range-Rated Power (watts)
BN12 1.25 in 2.37 - 3.37 in
60.2 - 85.6 mm
24 1.7 - 4.2 6480-11700 10 - 25
BN23 2.25 in 3.27 - 4.27 in
83.1 - 108.5 mm
12/24 11 - 22 2280 -10850 36 - 95