Cold Gas Thrusters

Thruster Valves

Moog cold gas thruster valves are direct-acting, solenoid actuated devices with a nylon poppet which is integrated in the armature/poppet assembly. In the de-energized closed position, the armature/poppet assembly is held against the seat by a conical spiral spring. The valve is opened when the electromagnetic force of the coil overcomes the spring pre-load and the armature/poppet assembly lifts from the seat allowing gas to flow. De-energizing the coil causes the magnetic field to decay and the spring preload forces returns the armature assembly to its seat providing leak tight gas shut off.


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Triad Thrusters

Triad thrusters are pilot operated, cold gas attitude and roll control thrusters. The three nozzles fed by a common supply, control roll, pitch and yaw of an upper stage vehicle in its final stage of ascent. Fast reaction time allows for responsive maneuvers and course adjustments.

Programs: Antares, Minotaur, LRALT, Taurus, Pegasus

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