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Moog's training courses are designed for engineers, technicians and new employees from other disciplines as well. The range of training we offer includes advanced in-depth knowledge of the Moog product portfolio, as well as the basics of wind energy and electrical engineering.

Our objective is to provide participants with technical proficiency and insights quickly. In-depth knowledge and hands-on experience is critical for employees to be able to efficiently resolve problems and independently initiate preventive action. Qualified staff is the aim and our in-house instructors have the competence and expertise to show you the way.

You benefit from tailored seminars designed to meet your individual needs and ensure a long term approach to technology.


Scope of training

  • Pitch system and product training
  • System and product analysis
  • Use and optimization of tools
  • Inspection and adjustment
  • Planning and execution of maintenance work


It's all about the hands-on experience

Let us share our expertise with you. With small groups and an inspiring learning atmosphere, you will learn important information about our pitch systems and products as well as helpful tips about blade pitch control and wind energy technology.


The benefits to you

  • Theoretical and practical training in one location
  • Individual training courses
  • Latest technology
  • Hands-on instruction from experienced subject matter experts


Knowledge is one of the keys to success and we can help you achieve technical proficiency quickly.

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