Aerospace Test Systems

Test Systems for More Efficient Operation

Moog aerospace test systems are designed with the knowledge and experience we have gained through many years in this fast-paced industry. Each system is designed for efficient operation for every conceivable application and test specimen.

Each aerospace test system features quality Moog components, innovative features, ease of operation, and the highest standards of test control and precision.

Leading Edge Features

To ensure system reliability, longevity and performance, we incorporate components that are engineered for total consistency, accuracy and flexibility. These components form the building blocks for our range of test systems, providing world-class performance in some of the world’s most critical applications.

In addition, our innovative engineering teams never stop looking for ways to make your job easier from designing mobile digital control units to test systems for key applications like landing gear assessment.

Moog test systems are utilized in a wide variety of critical aerospace test applications. These include:

  • Aircraft/airframe structural tests
  • Fatigue tests
  • Endurance tests
  • Load calibration tests
  • Landing gear tests
  • Hydraulic system tests


Moog test systems combine test efficiency, accuracy and precision with other key advantages including:

  • Design flexibility based on your unique applications and test specimens
  • Seamless integration with other equipment in your test lab
  • Electric and hydraulic technologies
  • Incorporation of high-quality Moog Servovalves, manifolds and actuators for longevity and reliability
  • Moog support and service