Special Mission


Innovative Solutions for Unique Customer Challenges

Moog has been supplying innovative solutions to the Special Mission aircraft market for more than 60 years.

Our Advanced Technologies are being used to solve the most challenging applications ranging from precision control of supersonic aircraft, to highly dynamic controls on aerodynamically unstable aircraft, to solutions for More Electric Aircraft.

Our Offering:

  • Primary Flight Controls
  • Secondary Flight Controls
  • Inertial Sensors & IMU
  • Maneuvering Leading Edge Flap Controls
  • Control Electronics
  • Actuators
  • Components

Our Heritage:

  • B-2, B-1B, B-52
  • C-130, C5, XC-2, C-295, C-27, CN235
  • E-10, E-2C, SR-71, U-2
  • P-8, P-3, MC-130
  • XP-1, A400M
  • KC-767, KC-330, KC-135, KC-130, KC-10, KC-46
  • Shuttle, X-38



  • Flight Controls
  • Weapons Bay Controls
  • Engine Controls
  • Braking & Steering
  • Wingfold Actuation
  • Autopilot Controls
  • Utility Actuation
  • Navigation & Guidance

System Spotlight