Directed Energy Systems

Experience in Integrated Systems

Moog has significant experience in developing and manufacturing integrated systems. From fully integrated flight control systems on commercial aircraft to complete stabilization systems on armored vehicle turrets, Moog has the experience and technical expertise to provide you with complete solutions for:

  • Electric Laser Weapons Systems
  • Beam Pointing, Tracking and Control
  • Active and Passive Vibration Isolation
  • Jitter Control
  • Stabilization
  • Coarse and Fine Pointing
  • Vehicle Motion Simulation
  • Test and Integration

Broad Technology Base

We offer actuation systems which utilize electromechanical, electrohydraulic, electrohydrostatic, and pneumatic technologies. We are also one of the most experienced electrical design firms for the aerospace and defense markets. We possess a large software engineering department, with locations around the world, to solve your control needs. Thanks to recent acquisitions, like CSA Engineering, we now offer superior damping solutions and slip ring technology.

Unique Services

Moog has the engineering depth and strength to support your directed energy needs. Moog has proven its ability to assume full subsystem responsibility - from concept development to test and integration. We provide unique expertise in:

  • Vibration characterization testing
  • Beam control design
  • Algorithm development
  • Dynamic design and analysis
  • Requirements definition
  • Modeling

Pioneers in Directed Energy

Moog CSA Engineering has been supporting the Airborne Laser Test Bed (ALTB) program, formerly Airborne Laser (ABL), and its predecessor programs for 25 years.  Our initial contract for ABL was to develop a Matlab simulation tool, known as Pathfinder.  This system-level tool incorporated finite element models for key elements of the beam train.  As the program progressed, so did our participation.  We provided architecture definition and algorithms for beam control; active isolation/stabilization systems for the high power laser system; vibration mitigation devices for jitter reduction; and software for data acquisition and control.  As a part of the system design and integration efforts, we participated in jitter prediction and mitigation measures and assisted with large-scale dynamic measurements on the laser for both ground and flight tests. We have been proud to be an integral part of this program.