Military Ground Vehicles

Moog provides sub-systems and components for every mission critical system on a modern military vehicle. Our heritage is in electrohydraulic and electromechanical actuation systems and now, through acquisitions and internal development, Moog provides expert solutions in:

Moog's solutions are used for the following applications:

  • Vetronics for power management and distribution, weapons turrets, C4I systems
  • Slip rings, motors, resolvers, encoders, gyros, microprocessor controllers, and fiber optic rotary joints for turrets, communications systems, remote weapons stations
  • Driver vision enhancement positioners for MRAP vehicles
  • Specialty cabling design, routing, and assembly
  • Automated test systems
  • Drive systems for manned turrets, howitzers, ammunition handling
  • Common servo controller for next generation military vehicles

We are positioned on several of the world's armies military vehicles:

  • CV90 family of vehicles
  • Pandur
  • PzH2000
  • Stryker
  • Light Armored Vehicle
  • Abrams
  • Bradley

Ground-Based Expeditionary Radar Platform Video


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