Weapon Stores Management

Weapon Stores Management System

The Third Generation Weapon Stores Management System (SMS) is comprised of a Stores Management Computer (SMC), Stores Control Panel (SCP), Stores Interface Unit (SIU), Lightweight Rocket Interface Unit (RIU) and MFD. This proven, lightweight rugged system is an affordable solution to stores management on both rotary and fixed wing platforms. The SMS leverages Moog's extensive experience in system integration, internal software development, weapons and fire control solutions. The flexible design of the SMS enables fast delivery, rapid integration and future upgrades to sensors, avionics and weapons.  

Moog Stores Management System Diagram




  • Lightweight - half the weight of comparable systems
  • Compact overall size for optimized installation
  • Flexible modular design
  • Proven, rugged and affordable
  • Fast delivery, rapid sub-system integration
  • Customizable screen display
  • High performance with latest technology available


SMS Display and Overlay Demo

Weapon Stores Management Systems Brochure

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SMS Pedestal Video

Rotary-Wing SMS Demo

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