ProtectIR Targeting Pod

ProtectIR Targeting Pod

Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance & Targeting Pod - ISR&T

The ProtectIR (G2) is a low cost, lightweight, sub-sonic, turn-key Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Targeting Pod (ISR&T) pod for in field installation upon existing airframes.  The ProtectIR (G2) pod includes a 5th generation hi-def FLIR with a target tracker, laser pointer, range finder, and geo-location algorithms.  Its modular design can be installed on a variety of aircraft in minimal time and supports several missiles and munitions. 



ProtectIR Key Features:

  • Low-cost, turn-key, rapid installation ISR pod for reconnaissance and attack aircraft - both fixed and rotary wing
  • HD FLIR imagery, state-of-the-art stores management and fire control
  • PredatorTM class datalinks
  • COTS/MOTS components for high performance and economical delivery
  • Modular and flexible interface options
  • Lightweight: Base design is < 140 kg (310 lbs)


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