Overview of Pitch Solutions for Wind Turbines

Moog provides pitch control solutions for wind turbines in onshore and offshore locations. Given the maximum speed and torque at the output shaft, we can design and deliver an innovative and reliable solution tailored to your requirements with support available around the world.


Proven Partner for Pitch Systems and Products

Moog is your proven partner for reliable pitch systems, products and services. Our expertise in systems combined with our long track record in energy generation have made us the choice for leading turbine manufacturers and wind farm operators. Moog's highly reliable and low maintenance pitch system reduces turbine downtime and enables your wind turbines to generate more power, which reduces your levelized cost of energy.

  • Trusted provider of pitch systems, slip ring solutions and blade sensing systems
  • Proven supplier to the world's leading wind turbine manufacturers
  • Global supply chain for production, sales and on-site technical service
  • Solutions that help you reduce the cost of ownership, extend product and system lifetime and minimize maintenance requirements
  • Technical expertise to simplify installation and troubleshoot potential issues
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What is a Pitch System?

A pitch system monitors and adjusts the angle of the wind turbine blades and thus controls the rotation speed of the rotor. At lower wind speeds, the ideal angle accelerates the rotor rotation speed, while at higher speeds, the blade pitch control reduces the wind load on the blades and structure of the wind turbine. Over a certain wind speed the pitch system starts to rotate the blades out of the wind, thereby slowing and stopping the rotor to avoid damage.