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The exceptionally rugged Moog Pitch Servo Drive 2 was developed specifically for the harsh operating conditions found in the rotor hubs of wind turbines. With its high level of integration, the Servo Drive 2 simplifies axis box design, decreases its volume and reduces wiring complexity. Due to its certified safety equipment, the drive fulfills the current safety standards and thus simplifies the certification process for wind power turbines.

Electrical pitch systems with Pitch Servo Drive 2 models are suitable for installation at altitudes up to 3,000 m and internal axis box temperatures from -30 up to +70 °C (-22 and +158 °F). The innovative features of this Servo Drive 2 include intelligent intermediate circuit pre-charging, which protects the slip ring against excessive charging currents and permits optimized fault-ride-through operation.

The Moog Pitch Servo Drive 2 contains a PWM high-voltage brake driver for direct control of the motor brake. Like the integrated backup charger, this further reduces the number of components in the axis box and maximizes availability and service-friendliness.

Features of the Moog Pitch Servo Drive 2

  • Servo Drive 2 with a high overload capability, available in two device sizes:
    - E40 with 40 A nominal and 100 A peak
    - L60 with 60 A nominal and 200 A peak
  • AC and DC motor support: The software supports the control of synchronous, asynchronous and DC motors
  • Extremely rugged: The Servo Drive 2 withstands even the highest mechanical loads (as demonstrated by HALT/HASS tests)
  • Simplified axis box design with the following components: Backup charger, PWM brake driver, 24 V power supply with 3 A output, redundant decoupling diodes and brake resistor
  • Measurement of the backup voltage, symmetry voltage and charging current permit GL2010-compliant monitoring of the emergency power supply without an additional converter
  • The intelligent DC-link pre-charging limits the charging currents and voltages in case of network faults (LVRT, HVRT)
  • TÜV-Rheinland certificate for safety function feathering with performance level d as per EN ISO 13849-1
  • Expanded Servo Drives 2 interfaces for maximum flexibility: Ethernet, CANopen, INTERBUS, Profinet RT, Sin/Cos, TTL, SSI, Resolver and PT100 inputs for direct temperature measurement, and an optional port for additional temperature and digital I/Os
  • Pre-configured and application-specific software features simplify and expedite commissioning
  • Service diagnosis and remote maintenance via Ethernet: The Pitch Servo Drive 2 logs configuration changes and critical external events

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