Semiconductor Wafer Handling

Semiconductor Wafer Handling Solutions

Moog offers unique solutions for the semiconductor wafer handling market. The versatile Moog BX-300 machine and motion controller, along with its patented Autocalibration, Dynamic Wafer Centering technologies, Semiconductor Tool Kit software, flexible line of robots, and BX-Pa aligner can be combined in to a powerful wafer handling solution resulting in higher tool productivity and wafer yields.

Flexible Wafer Handling Solutions

Getting a new semiconductor tool to market on time is vital for success. Ever-increasing demands for process yields, tool reliability, and productivity, combined with changing application needs are however at odds with the product development time required to insure them.

Balancing these forces calls for a new synergy-the unification of design process expertise, control hardware, and control software-to produce reliable semiconductor tools in ever-shorter periods along with a wide range of building blocks that enable creation of efficient solutions tailored for specific needs.

By combining its expertise in wafer handling along with its flexible and powerful products Moog is able to deliver leading edge solutions for superior performance.

Autocalibration® Technology

Autocalibration simplifies, speeds, and improves robot calibration. It is typically 10X more repeatable than manual teaching, and takes only minutes.

  • Improved maintainability
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced downtime