Welding Automation

Automation Solutions for Adaptive Welding

The Moog Adaptive Welding Solution enables improved productivity, superior quality welds and continuous improvement of the welding process.

Adaptive Welding Solution Components

  • BX-300 controller with Weld Tool Kit for configuring application specific weld recipes
  • Laser scanner for groove measurement and torch positioning
  • Electric actuation system for weld head motion control and fixturing the pieces to be welded
  • Calibration fixture for weld head

The system can interface with any commercially available power supplies and wire feeders. 

Key Features of the Moog Adaptive Welding Solution

Precision Positioning of the Torch
By using laser scanners, Moog can measure the weld groove accurately and calibrate and position the torch tip with high precision. Additionally, Moog integrates this capability with the wire feed and power supply achieving high degree of closed-loop control in the welding process.

Coordinated Motion with Welding Process
Enables coordination of the torch tip motion with the welding process parameters. Automated dynamic modification of the welding process to match production variations while delivering robust high quality welds is the hallmark of the Moog solution.

Process Monitoring
By recording process feedback, Moog enables you to continuously improve your welding processes and extract more ROI from your investment.
The ability to process parameters and program a welding strategy along with dynamic on-the-fly switching, enables the operator complete control including automatic Voltage control, ability to provide real-time voltage/current feedback and manage power supply modulation

The feedback and diagnostics that you receive with an integrated process ensures perfect welding up to the finish. Moog answers this with real-time voltage/current feedback and trace recorded P/S parameters to the work piece.

Solutions for Specific Applications

Moog has developed Adaptve Automated Welding Solutions for specific applications. Two of the key applications served include Oil and Gas Pipe Welding and Nuclear Fuel Canisters. In both applications, Moog solutions deliver value via improved productivity, higher weld quality and enhanced worker safety.

Both solutions leverage our ability to develop a complete high performance automated electromechanical welding system.

Automated Pipe Welding Solutions Solutions
Sections of oil pipeline to be laid underwater must be welded together flawlessly. Comprehensive automation of the welding process provides the opportunity to eliminate subjectivity, improve welding process control, and dramatically improve productivity.

Nuclear Fuel Canister Welding Solutions
The Automated Welding System (AWS) performs semi-automatic Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) to seal canisters containing spent nuclear fuel. Operator specified and supervised welding is performed in accordance with Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations including compliance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Sections lll and 1X as well as AWS D1.1. The AWS also includes the capability to remove the canister’s lid using an interchangeable plasma torch.