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Haptic Rehabilitation Unit

Highly Realistic

We have been creating products in flight and automotive simulation that effectively apply technology for many years. Benefiting from our experience we continuously develop customizable tools to meet leading-edge applications in the medical rehabilitation arena.


The basis of our products for haptics and robotics is our patented control technology which allows for the most precise of movements that a person can easily feel and respond to in training, operational or assembly situations. Our range of products has been developed to be high performance, realistic and also easy to use to help solve real-world problems in new ways.

The HapticMaster is our technology demonstrator and the basis of many of our applications in rehabilitation, and assembly training. It is the core system for a variety of projects where advanced Virtual Reality is required.

The Wristalyzer is a one-degree-of-freedom wrist perturbator for neurological research and diagnostics.

Keys Features

  • Advanced control technology - A unique admittance control paradigm using a force sensor for high fidelity feel
  • Flexible software interface - Providing maximum flexibility in creating new applications
  • Reliability - Proven technology and patented control algorithm allow the full spectrum of movement from very high to very delicate forces
  • Greater precision and realism - The control paradigm allows very precise master-slave control and greater realism, even under network delays

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Haptics and Manipulandum

Haptics is the science of creating a realistic sense of touch for the user in a virtual environment to better interpret responses from various human subsystems.

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