Post-Operative Pain Management

Increasing the effectiveness of post-operative pain management has a tremendous impact on a patient's well-being such as reduced narcotic usage, lower pain scores, and higher patient satisfaction. Moog's line of disposable pain pumps and accessories provides a range of dependable and flexible delivery choices to achieve your primary goals -- reduced pain and improved patient outcomes.


Beeline Disposable Ambulatory Pump

Beeline Disposable Ambulatory Pump
Combining the familiarity of a syringe with the modularity of a flexible mechanical pump system.  Beeline's unique design is easy for the clinician to fill, followed by uncomplicated continuous infusion for higher patient satisfaction and improved outcomes. The Beeline is ideal for the flexible delivery requirements of chemotherapy, antibiotics, and pain management therapies.

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Post-Operative Pain Management Catheter Kits and Convenience Packs. Moog offers complete standard and saturated catheter kits with all the items required to place and dress pain management catheters. Complete convenience is available by combining the Catheter Kits with either the Beeline pump and tubing sets to customize your post operative pain management approach by procedure or patient in an all-inclusive Convenience Pack.



Tunneling System

Tunneling System
Expand catheter placement options for greater functionality, steerability, and versatility. The Moog Tunneling System facilitates placement of standard and saturation catheters for more effective post-operative pain management.

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Post-Operative Pain Management Accessories

Moog offers a variety of accessories that can be used to enhance our line of post-operative pain management products. Accessories include standard and saturated catheters, introducers, and carrying pouches.

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