Vibration Control

Moog CSA Engineering brings product and service capabilities to solve the most demanding vibration and jitter control issues for an array of markets including:

° Space ° Defense ° Infrastructure ° Industrial ° Energy ° Scientific °

Located in Mountain View, California and Albuquerque, New Mexico, Moog CSA offers:

Providing Ground Test, Launch Assistance, and On-Orbit Support

Moog CSA supports all stages of a spacecraft’s lifespan; from ground test to launch assistance to on-orbit support. We emphasize vibration and shock management without compromising other systems requirements by supplying:

  • Structures and payload interfaces which directs attention to on-orbit functionality rather than launch survival
  • Adapters which enable multiple payloads to launch larger ones and function as the core of satellites and orbital transfer vehicles
  • Instrument and chassis-level shock and vibration isolation systems to protect components during launch and to reduce on-orbit jitter

Flight-Proven Vibration Control Experience

  • Atlas V and Delta IV payload adapters
  • Hubble solar array vibration dampers
  • Taurus, Minotaur and Pegasus launch load alleviation
  • LCROSS lunar mission
  • GLAST/Fermi vibration dampers
  • Delta II and Delta IV launch load alleviation