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Moog Acquires isel Robotik USA, LLC and Brings Together Controller and Wafer Handling Robot

Moog Brings Together Machine Controller and Newly Acquired Wafer Handling Robotics Business

30 August 2010

East Aurora, N.Y. , USA – Moog Industrial Group, a division of Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B), has acquired Fremont, Calif.-based isel Robotik USA, LLC in order to add vacuum and atmospheric robots to Moog’s wafer handling precision positioning solutions for the semiconductor industry.  Before the acquisition, Moog and isel Robotik USA had worked as partners to supply customers with Moog’s BX-300™ Motion and Machine Controller and isel Robotik USA’s wafer-handling robots.  The Moog BX-300 is a pre-integrated hardware and software platform for motion control.

The combined offering of the two companies now includes the robot as well as the controller, software, aligners and secondary actuators that go into designing and supplying a high-performance solution.  This complete solution will be supplied to OEM’s in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry as well as plants seeking to retrofit existing systems.

“Our aim is to supply a motion control subsystem with a flexible architecture that can meet the wide-ranging needs of our customers,” said Dennis Webster, director of business development for Moog Industrial Group. “This acquisition makes it easier for our customers to access our combined ability to bring an even better design to market in a far shorter period of time,” Webster added.   

Moog's combined engineering team will focus on developing precision positioning solutions to handle difficult processes or substrates as well as high-value or heavy payloads.   

“If a customer is looking for flexibility in design or a high-performance solution, then we can help them,” added Mike Parodi, president and CEO of isel Robotik USA.  “We now have the ability to design a system that can more readily adapt to a wide array of semiconductor applications.”

Isel Robotik USA is known for offering a wide range of standard, configurable wafer handling robotic systems for atmospheric and vacuum applications. Integration of the robot with the Moog BX-300 Controller enables customers to make on-the-fly adjustments of wafer placement for improving process speed with our Dynamic Wafer Calibration feature.  Moog will also provide its Autocalibration® technology feature to enable operators to more easily calibrate the accuracy of a machine within a wafer handling clean room environment.

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