TSS Completes Integration of Moog Crossbow ILC2000 Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking Device into Cloud Based Service for Cold Chain Logistics

5 October 2015

Milpitas, California, USA (5 October 2015) – Moog Crossbow, a wholly owned subsidiary of Moog Inc. (NYSE: MOG.A and MOG.B), has been collaborating with Temperature Sensitive Solutions (TSS) AB to provide the cold chain logistics market a seamless, cloud based solution for monitoring and tracking cold chain shipments.  TSS recently completed integration testing and the service is now available for cold chain customers worldwide. 

The Crossbow ILC2000 was designed for ground, airborne and multi-modal shipments and delivers unprecedented real-time tracking and condition monitoring for cold chain and global supply chain applications.  The ILC2000 provides location information using GPS/LBS, has an advanced sensor array for monitoring cargo/environment and global wireless communication capability.  The device’s on-board sensors provide temperature monitoring (calibrated to NIST standards) to protect and certify sensitive cargo.  Other on-board sensors can be used to monitor shipments for excessive shock, tilting and package tampering.   The ILC2000 has been approved for air cargo by the FAA and EASA using a patented “airplane safe mode” feature to automatically deactivate the radio transmitter when the device is airborne, yet it still continuously tracks and logs location and cargo/environmental data.  Similarly, the radio transmitter is automatically reactivated when the plane lands.  

TSS' cloud temperature monitoring solution, CCIS, enables centralized control over global operations and is tailored to suit different user levels. As all shipment data are downloaded and stored in the cloud, CCIS provides one secure access point to global temperature data. Temperature reports can be sent out automatically via email, enabling proactive actions when excursions occur. Advanced search capabilities makes CCIS a sophisticated tool for finding specific data records and for analysing big data captured from multiple sources. As an example, the system allows for evaluation of shipments to specific destinations, within defined time periods, or defined by certain alarm levels. The system also makes it possible to integrate data from external sources, such as from freight forwarder milestones or weather stations. By automatically matching this type of information with shipping data captured in the cloud, the reports help companies find bottle necks in their supply chains, providing unique capabilities for forecasting and trend analysis.

Roger Shuler, Business Unit Director of Moog Crossbow, said: “I am delighted that TSS cold chain customers can now take full advantage of the capabilities offered by the ILC2000.  I see this as an important step in addressing the demands of the cold chain logistics market and will be welcomed by new and existing customers alike.” 

Tobias Holmer, Product Manager at TSS, said: "As internet of things is happening to life science, we are continuously expanding our partner program. In doing so, we are not only looking for cutting-edge features but also for solid companies that have proven their ability to deliver sustainable technology and solutions that emphasize patient safety. Integrating the Crossbow ILC2000 into CCIS enables our customers to monitor their temperature controlled products in real-time through the cloud, a highly requested feature. The collaboration is a significant step towards better supply chain visibility and increased patient safety.”

Moog Crossbow is known as the smart sensor company with more than 500,000 sensor based products delivered to date including advanced MEMS based navigation and guidance products for the aerospace market. Visit us on the web (moog-crossbow.com) or contact our sales department at +1 408 965-3300 or e-mail sales@moog-crossbow.com for more information.

TSS is a leading provider of temperature monitoring solutions with more than 20 years of experience within the life science industry. Thanks to close customer interaction and a unique technological know-how, TSS continuously introduces pioneering solutions for end-to-end supply chain visibility, facilitating the daily operations for pharmaceutical companies worldwide. By focusing on information, TSS enables decision makers to make informed decisions regarding their supply chains, to ultimately be able to secure patient safety.

For more information, visit www.tss.se or email sanna.persson@tss.se.

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