Screw-in Cartridge Valves

2-way Screw-in Proportional Cartridge Valve (DPCME)

Self-regulating hydraulic design

2-way Screw-in Proportional Cartridge Valves are used to regulate flows from port "A" to "B." The valves use a self-regulating hydraulic design for the control of a flow rate by a current-controlled PWM signal.

These screw-in cartridge type valves are designed to fit in SAE style cavities with UN thread for use in manifolds. They can also be used in conjunction with 2- or 3-way pressure compensators as 2- or 3-way pressure compensated flow control valves.


  • Rated Sizes

    16, 20

  • Flow Direction

    A to B

  • Maximum Operating Pressure

    350 bar (5,000 psi)

  • Cavity

    Moog Standard; refer to catalog for further details

Typical Applications

Metal Forming and Presses

Plastic Injection Molding

Steel Production Machinery

Mobile Applications

Marine / Offshore

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