Fiber Optic Modems

The Fiber Optic Modem (FOM) provides electrical to optical conversion of electronic communication and data signals for transmission using tactical fiber optic cable assemblies. The FOM simultaneously receives incoming optical signals and converts them back to the original electronic signal allowing for full duplex transmission. Together with the tactical fiber optic cables, the FOM provides a rugged, secure, and easy deployable optical link. The FOM is available in both single and multi-channel configurations and can be mounted on the signal entry panel (SEP) of tactical shelters, in 19” racks or placed on the ground (multi-channel versions only).

The FOM allows users to replace existing coaxial cable communication links with lightweight fiber optic cable. The advantages of using fiber optic cable is as follows:

  • Lighter weight and smaller size for much quicker deployment
  • Higher bandwidth for increased throughput
  • Lower loss for long distance repeaterless communication up to 16 kilometers
  • Better quality-safe from electromagnetic interference from any source
  • More secure - no electromagnetic signature
  • Less expensive

All of the above impact defense mobility and rapid deployment requirements.


Interconnect Tactical Communication Assemblages including:

  • Radio Terminals
  • Radio Repeaters
  • Tactical Switches
  • Circuit Switches
  • Tactical Multiplexers
  • Satellite Support Radios
  • TACC Shelters
  • Tactical Communication Systems
  • Down the Hill Links
  • Intra-Node Cabling
  • Dispersed Command Post
  • Digital Orderwire Equipment

Benefits of Optical Fiber Over Coax Implementation

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