Inertial Sensors, IMU and AHRS

Aerospace and Defense Systems

Inertial Sensors are comprised of accelerometers and gyros. Accelerometers measure change of velocity and gyros measure angle of change. 

MEMS Sensors are compact chip-scale devices comprised of micro-patterned silicon structures fabricated using semiconductor processes.  

Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) consist of sensors that provide heading, attitude and yaw information for aircraft.

Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) are electronic devices that measure and report a vehicle's velocity, orientation, and gravitational forces and are used to maneuver aircraft.

Founded in 1995, Moog Crossbow is a leading supplier of advanced inertial sensor technology to aerospace and defense programs around the world. By leveraging the latest advances in MEMS and fiber optic sensor technology, our inertial solutions provide outstanding performance and value. 

Moog Crossbow’s product lines include GPS-aided inertial measurement units (IMU), attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS), vertical gyroscopes, and inclinometer/tilt sensors. The products are fielded on mission critical manned and unmanned airborne, marine and ground platforms such as the Hunter RQ-5A Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Improved Target Acquisition System (ITAS) and Long Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System (LRAS).

Inertial Products

Inertial Products
  • GPS/IMU Systems
  • Ultra Compact AHRS/IMU
  • Vertical Gyro Systems
  • Two-Axis Gyros

Integrated Guidance, Navigation and Control

  • Air Data, AHRS, Autopilot, Servocontrol
  • User Customizable Solution

Targeting System Products

North Finder Gyrocompass
  • North Finder Gyrocompass
  • North Keeper

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