Infinity Orange

The First Enteral-Only Feeding System Optimized for Small Volume Feeding

The Infinity Orange is a simple to use enteral-only feeding system that provides highly accurate small volume feedings as well as improved patient safety by reducing programming errors and eliminating the possibility of misconnections.

Accurate: Maintains +/- 5% accuracy at any flow rate and when operated in any orientation.

Safe: An enteral-only feeding system designed to prevent accidental feeding into an IV line or injection of IV medication into a feeding tube. Orange striped delivery sets distinguish it from other types of tubing, and the delivery set can only be inserted into an enteral feeding adapter.

Rugged: Designed to perform consistently well under a wide variety of conditions. Does not require any regularly scheduled maintenance and can be cleaned by simply rinsing under running water.

Easy to Use: Extremely easy to operate and program, allowing the caregiver the ability to focus on other areas of care.

Product Specifications
Order Number INFORNG (includes pump, Compact Wall Charger, Adjustable Angle Pole Clamp, and Operator's Manual)
Size 4.05" (10.3 cm) H x 5.65" (14.4 cm) W x 1.95" (4.9 cm) D
Weight 14.4 ounces (408 g)
Flow Rate Range 0.1 - 300 ml/hr
Flow Rate Increment 0.1 ml/hr from 0.1 - 10 ml/hr, 1 ml/hr from 10 - 300 ml/hr
Accuracy +/- 5%
Dose Range 0.1 ml - 3000 ml
Dose Increment 0.1 ml from 0.1 - 10 ml, 1 ml from 10 - 3000 ml
Battery Lithium Ion, 24 hour life @ 125 ml/hr
Battery Charge Time 6 hours
Operating Orientation Any
Maintenance No annual maintenance or calibration required
Cleaning Washable under running water
Warranty 2 years

Because of its small priming volume, low flow rate range, accuracy, ease of use, and simple maintenance, the Infinity Orange is ideal for use in any environment where small volume enteral feedings are necessary.

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