BON35 Outside Rotor Brushless DC Motors


Outside Rotor Brushless DC Motors

Quiet, Brushless Motors

BON35 motors provide smooth, efficient operation at high speeds. The brushless design ensures low audible noise and long life. Utilizing bonded neodynium magnets, these brushless motors provide excellent performance and value demonstrated by their low cost to high torque ratio. Available with a variety of options, including custom windings to achieve different speed / torque operating points, electronic drives, encoders and Hall effect or sensorless feedback.

In some applications, motors with an outside rotor enjoy several advantages over their counterparts with inside rotors. Motors with outside rotors perform especially well in applications with significant torque oscillation. Also, BON outside rotor motors have relatively low profile dimensions for height so they can easily fit in an envelope that is wider than it is tall - such as medical equipment or industrial machines.

We’ve designed thousands of DC motors, so if our BON series doesn’t meet your needs, contact us to talk about your specifications. One of our other designs may meet your needs, or our engineering department can design a motor to meet your specific requirement.


  • Length – 2.0 inches
  • Continuous torques from 58.0 to 76.0 oz-in
  • Bonded neodynium magnets
  • Safe, arcless operation
  • High speed capabilities – up to 6,700 rpm
  • 4 and 8 pole designs
  • Options include electronic drives, encoders, Hall effect or sensorless feedback
  • Available as a parts set or a complete housed motor


  • Operate over a wide range of speeds - not limited to AC frequency
  • Extremely quiet operation with long life capability
  • Precise, variable speed control
  • Motor life is not limited to brush or commutator life
  • Efficient operation without losses associated with brushes and commutation or armature induction


High resolution, high reliability, and state-of-the-art technology in a small package:

  • Bidirectional incremental code
  • Up to 1024 cycles standard
  • Up to 3 channels: A, B, and index
  • TTL / CMOS compatible
  • Other configurations and resolutions available

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Typical Applications

  • Medical equipment (pumps and blowers)
  • HVAC systems (air handling equipment)
  • Industrial automation
  • Scanners
  • Office automation equipment