Market Specific Multiplexers

Through close collaboration with customers and industry leaders, we develop market specific products that address particular design challenges.

Moog multiplexers and media converters are used worldwide for demanding applications in harsh subsea, marine and industrial environments. The flexibility and modularity of our standard product lines allow tailored configurations that meet the needs of many types of applications. For some unique markets, however, there may be special requirements for size, cost or functionality that do not allow standard modular solutions. In these cases, we use our expertise in multiplexer development to provide products that are optimized for the applications.

Typical requirements include:

  • Redundancy for improved reliability,
  • Reduced size for limited-space installations,
  • Unique combinations of signal types on single multiplexer cards
  • Specialized packaging or interface connectors
  • Designs that meet particular industry standards, such as ISO 13628-6 for subsea controls

Market specific products are technically superior solutions that maintain the advantages of product standardization, such as availability and well-established field performance, while avoiding the costs of custom development. Typical applications -- like subsea controls and wind energy -- require communication systems with high reliability and fault tolerance. For these types of requirements, market specific products deliver rugged, robust solutions with the assurances provided by precedent designs and extensive qualification testing. The use of market specific products can be further enhanced with custom products when necessary.


  • 924-HDE High Speed Multiplexer for Defense Applications


  • 920-EDM Ethernet and Data Multiplexer for Wind Energy

Subsea Oilfield Communications

Robust and highly reliable subsea communication systems are required to safely and efficiently control a wide range of subsea applications from Blow Out Preventer (BOP) controls to subsea processing and well-head instrumentation.

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