2030 DF

The technical advantages of the high resolution 2030 DF include extensive BITE facilities, remote control and indication of fault parameters, remote fault diagnosis, remote system testing and a modular, versatile design which allows for expandability as requirements change.

Our DF systems provide accurate navigation information including positional data without the need for special airborne or shipborne equipment other than standard VHF or UHF Radio Systems.  With nearly 30 years experience and over 500 systems installed world-wide, we now offer the high resolution 2030 DF to  meet increasing demands for greater reliability, performance, flexibility, monitoring and control.

Direction Finding (DF) System

The high-resolution DF provides accurate navigation information using standard VHF, UHF and Marine band radio systems. MOOG has performed a DF upgrade to 31 sites within the UK for the National Air Traffic Control Services. MOOG has also recently completed an upgrade to the Belgo Control DF.

Auto Triangulation System

The auto triangulation system takes multiple DF site information and presents it on one or more PCs to provide a mapping display. This gives the position fix, together with mapping information, which can be used for intrusion, assistance and/or rescue services. Other information can be overlaid such as flight information, region boundaries, frequency, and danger areas, all configurable during the design phase.

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