Broadest Range of Options

We are the TACAN market leader offering the broadest range of solutions available in the world.  Our comprehensive solutions include fixed site, shipboard, mobile and man portable. Our products feature the latest technology to deliver superior performance, high reliability and ease of use.

Fixed Site

Fixed site TACAN systems can be provided in single- or dual-configuration with 1-5kW output power. These systems connect with medium or large aperture high-performance antennas to provide a reliable MIL-STD-291C TACAN air interface. The MM-7000 is our 3rd generation TACAN design.


Shipboard TACANs, such as our AN/URN-32, are fully qualified for rigors of naval aviation and can be found on ships ranging from littoral combat to aircraft carriers in navies around the world. Paired with our AN/AS-3240 shipboard antenna, these systems set the bar for performance under pressure.


Based on our Gen III TACAN, the MM-7000, our mobile systems provide a wholly self-contained TACAN capability anywhere in the world. They are designed to operate autonomously for extended periods. We also offer upgrades for our AN/TRN-26 and AN/TRN-26C systems based on the MM-7000.

Man Portable

Our newest MM-7000 based TACAN is the MM-7000MP. This versatile and highly portable system uses the same LRUs found in our other Gen III TACAN family. Small, compact and energy efficient, this system delivers tactical air navigation capability at a moment’s notice.

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