Engine Structures

Engine Structures

Moog has been involved in the design and manufacture of hardware for launch vehicles since 1988 with the highly successful Vulcain development team at Snecma Moteurs Vernon, delivering structural hardware directly to the integration hall. Moog has continued to supply supports through to the Ariane 5 Vulcain engine as well as the Vinci upper stage engine development contract. There has been in excess of 65 engine support ship-sets which have been delivered and successfully flown on Ariane 5.

Vulcain Engine Supports

The current ship-set for the Vulcain 2 engine is comprised of 6 supports which contain 230 individual components. The supports are listed here and a selection is shown in the images below:

  • SAV (Actuator Steering Assembly)
  • STPO (Oxygen Turbopump Support)
  • STPH (Hydrogen Turbopump Support)
  • SGG (Gas Generator Support)
  • SBEV (Electro-valve support box)
  • SVCH (Chamber Hydrogen Valve Support)

Vinci Engine Supports

The Vinci engine is scheduled to make its maiden flight in 2018. Moog is designing and developing the engine supports on the new reignitable cryogenic upper stage of Ariane 5. The Vinci Engine Supports contain a total of 125 individual components made by Moog.

  • SBTP (Lower Turbopump Support)
  • SHTP (Turbopumps Upper Supports
  • SMDD (Divergent DEployment Mechanism Support)
  • Nozzle Extension Brackets