Advanced Surface Repair Solutions for Corrosion and Manufacturing Defects

Both new part manufacturers and end users have tried for decades to find repair solutions for corroded and defective parts. Replacement parts are expensive and many traditional repair processes may induce undesirable thermal stresses. Moog has been actively involved in the development, qualification and certification of Cold Spray, an advanced additive surface repair process revolutionizing the civilian and military MRO marketplace.

Unlike other repair processes that use heat to fuse materials together, Cold Spray is an additive manufacturing process which adds metal powders accelerated to supersonic speeds to restore the original substrate after the corrosion or other defects have been removed. Moog, through its Mid-America Aviation subsidiary, is performing these various Cold Spray repair activities today.


Significant Total Cost Savings: With Cold Spray, avoid replacing the entire damaged unit. Instead, repair the existing part and save on inventory, lead time, labor and other costs.

Repair Time Reduction: By reducing or even eliminating teardown, Cold Spray can be used to repair a part in-situ and help save on assembly and testing costs.

Improved Production Yield: Not only can Cold Spray be applied to items returned from the field, it can be used to salvage parts with manufacturing defects during production.

Moog also has the capabilities to perform value-added repair services alongside its Cold Spray repair. Moog has skilled and experienced Cold Spray personnel on-staff including material specialists (ASM International Certified Thermal Spray Operators in Cold Spray) and an on-staff FAA DER (Designated Engineer Representative) authorized for repair specifications and major repair approvals. Moog has a well-established relationship with the US Army Research Lab at Aberdeen Proving Ground, and operates several FAA Part 145 Repair Stations, which have been providing turnkey repair and overhaul of commercial aircraft parts for decades. Our turnkey repair and overhaul capabilities allow us to take damaged assemblies and perform necessary teardown, repair, reassembly, test and recertification.

Technical Experience & Engineering Support

Moog has certified ISO9001 and FAA Part 145 Repair Stations equipped with an on-staff FAA DER (Designated Engineer Representative) authorized for all aircraft and rotorcraft major repair approvals including the new repair specifications. There is also an in-house Ph.D. metallurgical engineer, several in-house material specialists and experienced ASM International Certified Thermal Spray Operators (CTSO) in Cold Spray.

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Systems & Capabilities

Moog has the only commercial facilities in North America with both medium and high pressure CGT (Cold Gas Technology) and Plasma Giken Cold Spray systems. Our wide array of equipment coupled with our extensive range of coating materials ensures we meet unique repair requirements.

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Moog's Cold Spray Background

For more than six decades, Moog has been at the forefront of emerging repair technologies and is continuously developing new and innovative methods to repair customer hardware. Today we are working to extend the depth of our expertise by investing in and perfecting advanced surface repair processes such as Cold Spray for the commercial and military markets. 

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