Moog's Cold Spray Background

For decades, both new part manufacturers and end users have tried to find repair solutions for corroded and damaged parts. Replacement parts are expensive and usually have long lead times. As a result, maintainers often prefer repairing versus replacing.

Many processes have been developed to repair damaged parts, but these may induce undesirable thermal stresses that can result in premature failure. Over the past several decades, experts from around the world have been looking for alternatives. One innovative solution is a process called Cold Spray – an additive manufacturing process that uses metal powders accelerated to supersonic speeds to restore original substrates without inducing thermal stresses. This process is being widely used in the automotive and industrial marketplaces and is ideal for aerospace materials like magnesium, aluminum and titanium, as well as other alloys. 

Moog has been working with industry experts including the US Army Research Lab at Aberdeen Proving Ground, designated by the DoD as the government expert in Cold Spray, to apply this process to the repair of commercial and military aerospace parts. Moog has successfully demonstrated repairs to corrosion, wear damage, and manufacturing defects on hard to repair magnesium and aluminum parts including transmission gearboxes, flap transmission housings, constant speed drive output housings, nose wheel steering actuators, landing gear components and more.

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