What is Cold Spray?

Cold Spray is an advanced surface repair process that is revolutionizing the civilian and military MRO marketplace. It is an additive manufacturing process for metal surfaces that does not induce thermal stresses into the parent or deposited material. Its unique properties are compatible with many aerospace materials.

What makes Cold Spray so unique? Unlike other repair processes that use heat to fuse materials together, Cold Spray uses a compressed gas to accelerate metal powders to supersonic speeds and is impinged onto the substrate. The resulting surface can be made comparable in strength to the original substrate.

Cold Spray is a material deposition process in which relatively small particles (ranging in size from approximately 5µm to 100µm in diameter) in solid state are accelerated to a critical high velocity (typically 300-1400m/s), and subsequently plastically deform and develop a deposit on a metallic substrate.

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