Military Aircraft Product Support

Providing a Superior Level of Support for Our Global Customers

Flight control components are critical to aircraft performance and safety.  As an OEM Supplier, Moog is the logical choice for follow-on product support.  Our repair and overhaul facilities are staffed, maintained and stocked to satisfy turnaround time requirements.  These resources allow Moog to provide an unsurpassed level of support to our customers worldwide.


Our service offering includes:

  • Spares and Related Piece Parts
  • Repair and Overhaul Services
  • Modifications and Upgrades
  • Logistics Solutions
  • Training and Technical Support
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Technology Insertion
  • Public/Private Partnerships


Search Aircraft Product Support

To find the Moog contact to best address your product support needs, type the part number or aircraft designation (e.g. "F/A-18") into the lookup field provided, then click the appropriate part description.

To find the Moog contact by facility name, select the appropriate name from the list provided.



East Aurora Support Center

Fargo Support Center

Tewkesbury Support Center

Torrance Support Center

Wolverhampton Support Center

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Military Aircraft Product Support Brochure

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