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Downtime Doesn't Stand a Chance

Delivering world-class motion control products and solutions means taking
customer support far beyond the initial sale. It requires a dedicated approach to solving your problems, addressing your machine challenges and helping you achieve maximum productivity on a daily basis.

Moog Global Support is our promise to offer world-class Repair and Maintenance Services delivered expertly by our trained technicians. With the reliability only available from a leading manufacturer with facilities around the world, Moog offers you service and expertise you can count on to keep your equipment operating as it should.

This promise offers many benefits to our customers including:

  • Reduce your downtime by keeping critical machines running in peak performance 
  • Protect your investment by ensuring reliability, versatility and long-life of products 
  • Better plan your maintenance activities and make systematic upgrades
  • Leverage our flexible programs to meet unique service requirements of your facility

Service Focused on Your Needs

  • Repair services using OEM parts are performed by trained technicians to the latest specifications 
  • Stock management of spare parts and products to prevent unplanned downtime 
  • Flexible programs, tailored to your needs such as upgrades, preventative maintenance and annual/multi-year contracts 
  • On-site services bring the expertise to you, providing quicker commissioning, set-up and diagnostics 
  • Access to reliable services that are guaranteed to offer consistent quality anywhere in the world

Moog offers a variety of flexible programs ideally suited to applications and markets including specialized, gas and steam turbineswind turbine and test and simulation services.  Moog's service offering is designed to keep your critical machines up and running at peak performance. 

Servovalves and Proportional Valves

Whether you require inspection,cleaning, calibration or parts replacement of your Servo and Proportional Valves, Moog is the only one with the expertise and global systems to ensure quality repair by using original parts

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Actuators and Servo Actuators

Applications such as Steam, Gas and Wind Turbines as well as Industrial Production Machinery, use highly specialized actuators.  For maximum reliability and performance, Moog provides a range of services to keep actuators running at peak performance. 

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Radial Piston Pumps (RKP)

Keeping this critical component functioning like new involves careful evaluation of the condition of your pump using our custom-built test stands and repairs using Moog designed and manufactured parts.

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Servomotors and Motion Control Electronics

From Servo Motors to Servo Drives to Controllers, Moog know-how in providing electronics that can withstand demanding environments is critical to machine uptime. From testing to repair to reporting, we work closely with you to bring products back to prime operating condition. 

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