Medical Lab Services for Life Sciences

Medical Lab Services for Life Sciences Overview

Our Life Sciences Division provides the medical device and pharmaceutical industries with comprehensive sterilization, validation, and laboratory services.

For more than 40 years, our expert team of sterilization & validation experts, toxicologists, microbiologists, chemists, and reusable-device scientists have been providing direct, expert advice and world-class customer service.

Sterilization Services

Moog Sterilization, Erie, PA  and

Moog Sterilization Validation Services, Rochester, NY

We pride ourselves on working with our customers to develop sterilization cycles specific to their product needs.


We specialize in the microbiology associated with sterilization, disinfection, microbial resistance and enumeration as it relates to medical devices, ocular products, pharmaceuticals and enabling products used in support of sterilization.

Biofilm Testing

We bring together scientists with a cumulative 50+ years of experience in working with biofilms, both in laboratory and in industrial settings. Our wide breadth of knowledge provides solutions to our customers dealing with biofilm-mediated problems.

Shelf Life

We test products and packaging by exposing them to extreme conditions of temperature and humidity—the performance of the product and/or packaging is evaluated to determine the life and durability.


We pride ourselves on providing a one-on-one, interactive approach with custom services designed specifically to meet our clients' individual biocompatibility assessment needs.

Analytical Chemistry

We offer customized and standard analytical chemistry testing for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

Reusable Devices

Moog has been a leader in the industry, refining procedures for conducting studies to establish the efficacy of reprocessing reusable instruments, trays and containers. We assist clients to fulfill FDA requirements.

Biological Indicators

We provide a wide selection of biological indicators in a variety of species and populations for steam, ethylene oxide, dry heat and radiation processes.

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