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Additive Manufacturing

Experts in Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM), Design, Prototyping, Production, Inspection, Post-Processing

About Moog Additive

Moog leads in expanding process knowledge, equipment capacity, and customer support in metal additive manufacturing (Metal AM). Black-box design, material qualifications, advanced process troubleshooting, and state-of-the-art inspection capabilities are resulting in next-generation applications for several critical manufacturing industries. Backed by solid engineering support and in-depth additive and subtractive production experience, our capabilities create and maintain a customer-first culture second to none. We offer additive manufacturing services from design through build and post-build processing to inspection. Whether you have a part ready to print or simply an idea, contact us to put our expertise to work for you.

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AM Innovation at Moog

Moog excels in bringing additive manufacturing designs to projects where additional performance is needed while other dimensions like cost and part volume are constrained. For example, we have proven that it is possible to increase efficiency in valves by improving flow without adding power or orifice sizes. Let us bring our experience to bear on your next challenge.



Material Benefits  

Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V, CPTi) 


Excellent strength to weight ratio, corrosion resistance and compatibility with green propellants

Inconel 625 & 718


Great tensile, fatigure, and rupture strength

Aluminum (AlSi10Mg, F357, & variants of 6061 & 7050)


Light-weight, good thermal and dynamic properties, one to one replacement options for castings & sustainment effort

Maraging Steel (M300)


Versatile tool steel with high hardness & toughness

Stainless Steel (17-4, 316L)


Excellent ductility and corrosion resistance

Hastelloy X


High strength and oxidation resistance. Resistant to stress-cracking. Nickel-chromium-iron-molybdenum alloy. 

Haynes 25 (L605)


Excellent high-temperature strength and good oxidation resistance. Cobalt-nickel- chromium-tungsten alloy.

Copper alloys (18150, GRCop-84)



High-temperature alloys with excellent high-temperature strength, creep resistance and low-cycle fatigue. Low thermal expansion and high conductivity.

Engineered AM Process Control

Moog has created a state-of-the-art facility in which all major sources of process variability have been controlled to produce the highest quality additive parts. Temperature, humidity, particulates, and static are each held in the optimal range. Materials are sourced from the best suppliers and are fully traceable. LPBF machines are maintained by our in-house staff working in consultation with OEMs and to mutually agreed specifications. Most critically, Moog engineers and technicians continually update the company’s knowledge base through training, industry events, and ongoing education. Moog holds itself accountable in each of these areas through written processes.

Moog joins in development AM industry standards

Manufacturing parts with additive (3D printing) equipment at production rate and scale will require the acceptance of industry standards for raw materials, processing, and qualification. This prerequisite will vary by industry and application, but in every case where an additive solution is adopted for production, designers and engineers will require standards that can be referenced and against which end-use articles can be verified.

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Case Studies

Monopropellant Propulsion Module

The Moog additive manufactured small liquid monopropellant blowdown propulsion module is suitable for cubesats and small satellites that require attitude control or delta V maneuvers. This is an all-digital design leveraging Moog additive manufacturing and propulsion equipment design expertise.

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Integrated Smart Actuator for Robotics Systems

Moog’s new integrated, plug and play solution called the Integrated Smart Actuator (ISA) includes integrated servo valves, control electronics, fieldbus communications (EtherCAT and CANbus), and on-board sensors. Moog is now leveraging advances in additive manufacturing to optimize weight and size while also offering the capability to provide customizable solutions quickly and affordably.

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Aircraft Manifold

Designed to leverage AM for part count reduction, Moog’s next generation actuator manifolds bring a benefit package of weight reduction, high performance, and cost-effectiveness to aviation.

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News and Events

Moog Advanced Manufacturing Using Artificial Intelligence

Moog continues a strong tradition of innovation to revolutionize manufacturing. We are making complex metal parts through a metal additive manufacturing process called Laser Powder Bed Fusion.  It allows engineers to create more complex parts than ever before and promises to increase the performance of systems using additively manufactured components or assemblies. Now, we’re deploying Artificial Intelligence to help inspect the quality of work.

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Digital Manufacturing at Moog Enhances Propellant Management on Spacecraft

Our customizable, 3D printed Rolling Metal Diaphragm  (RMD) will reduce launch mass and optimize fuel delivery for enhanced on-orbit performance.

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Launching New Capabilities: Insights on Advanced Manufacturing at Moog

Smart factory initiatives often involve complex projects and new technology deployments, even before adding in the complications faced in 2020. How are leading manufacturers managing smart factory advancements strategically in this climate? Earlier this fall MAPI spoke with Bill Massaro, Director of Advanced Manufacturing in the Aerospace and Defense Sector at Moog, to learn from his experience.  


A Strategy To Differentiate with Additive Manufacturing

Where does metal additive manufacturing add value to the aerospace and defense industry? Moog has been exploring this question since 2011. Moog's products are utilized in mission critical applications like steering a missile or keeping a satellite in orbit. The requirements that accompany these applications are some of the arduous in the industry.

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Moog Additive Manufacturing a 2020 Program Excellence Awards Finalist

Aviation Week announced the finalists for the 2020 Program Excellence Awards. 

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