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Animatics designs and manufactures motion control products for the semiconductor, defense, automotive, aerospace, biomedical, textile, security, marine sciences and packaging industries. Our success is due to our unique approach to integrated motion controls and amplifiers: fully digital systems requiring no physical adjustments. This means maximum MTBF, greater durability and serviceability, reduced development time and reduced cost.


Moog Animatics makes highly reliable machine building fast and easy. From simple two-axis pick and place applications to installations of more than 1,000 servos instantly synchronized in coordinated motion, we have an innovative solution for you.

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Moog Animatics Introduces the Low Temperature Range (LTR) SmartMotorTM  
Moog Animatics has announced the release of it new, low temperature range (LTR) SmartMotorTM in two standard NEMA frame sizes, model SM17205M-LTR (the LTR-17) and model SM23165M-LTR (the LTR-23). Both motors have been engineered for robust and reliable operation in harsh environments and high altitudes. Typical applications include surveillance cameras, food processing, test chambers and aerospace. 
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Moog Animatics Releases New Product Catalog
This new catalog illustrates the increasing breadth and depth of the Moog Animatics product lines and their continued commitment to innovation, performance and being the industry leader in the development of integrated servo motors, controls and software for factory automation.
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The SmartMotor™ is a highly programmable, integrated servo motor system that is integrated with a motor, an encoder, an amplifier, a controller, RS232/RS485 communication, and IOs. 

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