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Custom Motion Control Products

Moog Aspen specializes in custom manufactured products. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities are backed up by a track record proven to provide both technical and business solutions. Moog Aspen makes brushless motors and associated electronics to solve various complex customer problems.

Custom Brushless Motors and Control Systems

Moog has expanded its motion solutions by adding a line of high performance brushless custom motor products, including permanent magnet brushless motors, DSP intensive controls and value added components. These custom solutions offer a competitive advantage in both features and costs for a wide range of applications and markets.

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We work closely with our volume OEM customers to offer "more than just the motor." Value added assemblies cover a wide range of products. We offer motor electronics with the required hardware and software, feedback elements, gear boxes, magnetic couplings, and plastic parts to complete OEM products. 

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Typical Applications

  • Automation
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Computing
  • Data Storage
  • Industrial
  • Medical and Health
  • Military (via Commercial-Off-the-Shelf)
  • Telecommunications